18 Photos of Venice in Winter

Living in Bologna means I can easily catch trains to almost any city in Italy. Yesterday I went to Venice for the day. Venice is as beautiful as its reputation leads one to believe and I had so much fun walking around taking photos.

Looking through the photos I realise I didn’t have any particularly good photos of the main sights – St Mark’s Square, St Mark’s Cathedral or the Rialto Bridge. I do however have many photos with the sun shining on the old buildings and canals reminding me of the icy breeze and, closer to St Mark’s Square, the smell of the sea.

Venetians are a culture unto themselves, the stores often have writing in the Venetian dialect and wandering away from the tourist areas gives you the impression of a people supremely comfortable with their lives in a city with a history of success, financially, culturally and for its beauty.

  1. dsc_0269_edit
  2. dsc_0217
  3. dsc_0226_edit
  4. dsc_0224_edit
  5. dsc_0248
  6. dsc_0258_edit
  7. dsc_0324
  8. dsc_0211
  9. dsc_0242
  10. dsc_0308
  11. dsc_0315_edit
  12. dsc_0302
  13. dsc_0285
  14. dsc_0270
  15. dsc_0332
  16. dsc_0220
  17. dsc_0352
  18. dsc_0345_edit



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