Settling in to a foreign country

While I’ve been living in Italy for the past seven and a half months, it took me three or four months to really feel like I belonged. So I wanted to share five things I have learned that really helped me settle in.… Read More Settling in to a foreign country



The small city of Ravenna punches well above its weight for its size when it comes to interesting places. It has incredible mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries, it is the final resting place of Italy’s most famous poet, and has been a seat of power for three major dynasties. Located in Italy’s… Read More Ravenna

Hitting reset

Getting off the bus with my suitcase, I noticed that the vibrant autumn gold had overtaken the summery green of the leaves in the trees along the street to my apartment during my two weeks away. The past month or so had been a rollercoaster, culminating in a solo trip back home to Australia. And… Read More Hitting reset